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Crime Scene and Homicide Cleanup Services

Columbus Cleanup and Crime Scene Services are experts in crime scene and homicide cleanup throughout Ohio. Emergency Service for Biohazard and Trauma cleanup is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Each crime scene presents its own unique challenges and complications. Blood and bodily fluids, fingerprint dust, and drug paraphernalia are commonly present. Settings can range from private households to multi-unit apartment buildings to public areas. At the start of each project, the scene is assessed and the cleaning process is mapped out in order to best address the situation.

Our technicians are fully certified and highly trained to deal with the discovery of evidence and protection of integrity of a crime scene in accordance with the Crime Scene Units schedule. Once a crime scene is released, our technicians begin the cleaning process, considering first the interest of the workers and the public. The cleanup of a crime scene must be performed in a meticulous manner and with strict safety measures in place at all times. The cleanup process involves detecting, disinfecting, and removing all traces of hazardous materials including blood, bodily fluids, any bone matter/tissue, contaminated furniture, clothing, household objects, and any other item that may pose a safety risk. All contaminated items are transported by certified biohazard disposal units in accordance with State and Federal regulations. Once the cleanup is complete, a final inspection is then performed to ensure the area has been decontaminated, sanitized, and safe for use. Columbus Cleanup and Crime Scene Services also offers build-back services upon request.

Columbus Cleanup and Crime Scene Services are experts in all aftermath and trauma cleanup services throughout Ohio and provide a no-obligation detailed estimate prior to beginning work and will assist you in negotiating with your insurance carrier. CCUCS is here to help.

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