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We are in business not only to provide specialized cleaning services; we also truly want to help make a difference. Whether it is through performing expert cleanup services, providing support information to help people move forward from a loss, spreading awareness about causes we support, or making a donation to a worthy charity, we want to do our part to help bring hope and healing to others. It is our purpose and our goal. As we continue to grow our business, so too will we continue to strive to find a way to give back and hope to make a difference each day.

Our Team

The team at CCUCS all share a common interest; we understand our roll goes beyond the work of biohazardous remediation. Many of our clients come to us in a state of grief and are overwhelmed by responsibilities associated with the loss of a loved one. Our technicians are all trained and certified to handle biohazardous cleanup, as well as being extremely compassionate and discreet. Each member of our team goes above and beyond on every job we perform. We treat each of our customers as though they are a member of our family.

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